Our vision is to engage individuals and families in the healing process. We provide attachment based, trauma informed psychoeducation and services, aiming to empower those of all ages afflicted, their families, friends, and support givers.


To provide client-centered, effective, and efficient programs to improve the mental health and wellbeing of individuals of all ages afflicted, their families, friends and support givers.


• Accessible          • Person - Centred              • Inclusive

Engage, Educate, and Empower, that’s what we do. 

Reach Out Niagara Family Support Services is a mental wellness space for all ages. We aim to provide education regarding attachment, trauma, addictions, and mental health as well as opportunities of empowerment to those afflicted, their support givers, families, friends.  We are governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and funded solely at this time by only the philanthropy or sponsorship of small and large businesses, philanthropists and especially via the grass roots efforts by special people in our communities like you.

Our staff and facility is supported by professional staff, utilizing the services of trained social workers, psychotherapists, co-op students finishing their studies in their respective studies, and trained volunteers.

Reach Out Niagara Family Support Services roots were planted in Niagara initially in St. Catharines in October of 2018. Noticing some lacks of support and suitable resources for those suffering with mental health and substance abuse challenges and their families, the community united to make a change.

A collective of community-based caring individuals of all backgrounds, the experiences and efforts spanning over two years led to the nesting of Reach Out Niagara in 2019. Working without government funding has been difficult and led to many hurdles to cross but one by one with the determination and commitment of a few, these hurdles continue to be overcome. In May of 2019 Reach Out Niagara Family Support Services has been designated as a registered charity.

Reach Out Niagara FSS has grown with the community, offering a warm, safe place for families in the Niagara region. We currently have multiple therapists and social workers working part-time and trained volunteer counsellors providing mental health support services to all ages and families of Niagara and with additional funding can provide for the addition of more professional staff and services. We strive for your well-being.

With our office located in St. Catharines with plans to develop future satellite offices for the various Niagara area communities, our services and programs will be accessible throughout the region. Our efforts are directed towards affirming the dignity and worth of each individual and family, so as to enhance the integrity of the family unit and community as a whole.

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Welcome to Reach Out Niagara Family Support Services. My hope as Executive Director is that our team will provide you with a clear understanding of who we are and the services we provide. We strive to provide effective and efficient services to infants, children, youth, adults and families in the Niagara region.

As a resource for  mental health in the Niagara region, we’re working with our partner service providers and the community at large to create accessible and effective mental health supports which ensure that all children, youth and families with mental health needs will have access to the right services and treatments at the right time.

We’re in a constant stage of growth and development. While we wish to be perfect, we also face many challenges. We welcome your thoughts, input and feedback on how we can better help the community develop resilience and attain wellness.

It’s a privilege to be the Executive Director of Reach Out Niagara Family Support Services. I’m so proud to be part of our caring community of service providers working together to make our system better.

Jodie Hebert, MSW RSW, CPT
Executive Director


Jodie Hiebert, Executive Director


  • Outward Vision

  • Encouragement of Diversity in Viewpoints

  • Strategic Leadership More Than Administrative Detail

  • Clear Distinction of Board and Staff Roles

  • Futuristic Planning While Maintaining a Historical Perspective and Proactivity