We as an organization believe that EVERY person and family has dignity and worth and basic needs should be met for all humans.


Jodie spent several years of her youth living on the streets of Brantford, Hamilton, and Toronto. She was helped off the streets by members of a street help organization and after treatment and with ALOT of support, was able to obtain a post grad education degree. Through these experiences, she developed a heart for those who struggle with trauma, addictions, and poverty.

There are many individuals and groups doing amazing work with

those struggling with poverty in our community, we want to support

those iniatives. 



Reach Out Niagara has a vision to support grassroots missions to end homelessness in the Niagara Region by:

  • Offering financial support and needed supplies to those already on the ground, individuals who are building relationships with the vulnerable who are living on the streets to get them off the streets and meet their basic needs

  • Offering free support and services to those who would like to use Neurofeedback or have further help - both individuals on the front lines and those they are serving


  • Making supports and services accessible by finding ways to take these servies to areas where those who are vulnerable are staying

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We partner with community organizations to support low income and homeless intitiatives in the regions.


Thank you NIAGARA's MOBILE CLOSET for your dedication to the community and serving those in need.