Reach Out Niagara FSS Introduces the
NeurOptimal® 3.0 Advanced Brain Training System

We are proud to offer neurofeedback in the Niagara area via the NeurOptimal® dynamic brain training system. Already used widely in the United States, Canada, and the world, Reach Out Niagara FSS is now using NeurOptimal® system to help struggling families in the community.

The Executive Director of Reach Out Niagara FSS is Jodie Hiebert, MSW, RSW. Jodie has a keen interest in the neuroscience and how any brain can increase its efficiency through brain-training with neurofeedback systems. “People who have struggled for years with minor and major mental health issues are changing their lives with this technology,“ says Jodie Hiebert. “And what is amazing is that it happens in a natural, pain-free, and effortless way.” 

Process for Neurofeedback Session

1) Read Consent Form


2) Book an appointment by calling or emailing


3) Payment is made by cash, credit card, or

    e-transfer to (



"I was looking for alternative ways for my daughter to help her improve focus. My daughter has now done 10 sessions (training once per week). I have seen her gain the ability to focus better, resolve issues better and take on tasks with less worry. I then personally began sessions of Neurofeedback for myself, hoping to reduce stress. I now feel a sense of distance from worrying and fearful thoughts and triggers that I previously did not have. This distance allows me to approach an issue from a tactical standpoint, working toward resolution, rather than overwhelming me. Both of our sessions are still ongoing, and we look forward to future results."