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Jodie Hiebert, MSW RSW, CPT-S

Executive Director

Welcome to Reach Out Niagara Family Support Services.


My hope as Executive Director is that our team will provide you with a clear understanding of who we are and the services we provide. As a community resource, we strive to provide effective and efficient services to families in the Niagara Region.


We’re working with our partner service providers and the community at large to create accessible and effective mental health supports which ensures that families with mental health needs will have access to the right services and treatments at the right time.


We are continuously striving to further our growth and development. While we wish to be perfect, we also face many challenges. We welcome your thoughts, input and feedback on how we can better help families develop resilience and attain wellness.

It’s a privilege to be the Executive Director of Reach Out Niagara Family Support Services. I'm so proud to be part of our caring community of service providers working together to make our system better.

Jodie Hiebert

Executive Director
Reach Out Niagara FSS

Derek R: Chair of Board
Gloria T: Secretary

Jodie H: Exec Director